Employee Retention Is Not Rocket Science

Technology | Posted by Ruth Black
Feb 03 2015

The capacity of a business group to keep their workers from resigning is called employee retention. Failure to implement effective retention programs often leads to the company losing money; it is cheaper to maintain an employee than to look for a replacement.

Methods for retention are numerous and vary greatly. Depending on the specific kind of employee problem a company is experiencing, these methods could be mixed together or be adjusted. Employee retention programs are not “one size fits all,” but they are effective if implemented wisely. Viable programs include the following:

Leadership training

This would involve making true leaders out of those who already carry or are going to be given the title. It might come as surprising that there would be a need for such. Presumably, a leader would be selected based on his or her previously observed leadership qualities.

That isn’t always true however. Sometimes, leaders are made out of top performers, and being a good worker does not always translate into being a good leader. Sometimes too, even those already in position require training or retraining in order to keep them in top leadership shape and continue to arouse respect and loyalty from their subordinates.

Making exemplars out of the team leaders or managers would decrease the chance that an employee opts to leave because his or her leader did not inspire confidence.

Assimilation and on-boarding

Employee retentionIn this employee retention method, each new employee would be swiftly and competently brought into the fold of the company. Again, it seems silly given that the workplace is populated by grownups, but complexes like “new kid on the block” may still operate now and again, and that could prove detrimental to the hoped-for longevity of the new employee in the company.

It is important that new hires find their footing within the first seven to ten days of work. It is also imperative that the impression they make of the company during this time is favorable, as that could also set the tone for how he or she would think of the company, in particular: should he or she stay working there for a long time or should he or she quit at the earliest opportunity?

Female employee concerns

It would be worthwhile for companies to develop employee retention programs for specific female concerns. These should be tailor-made for the females in your workforce.

Society and women’s role in it is evolving—it started in the Second World War and at the present, we are nowhere near the end of this evolution. This means that the power and contributions of women in the workforce hasn’t reached its peak yet. As such, it would be in the best interest of corporations to maintain good working relations with their female employees.

Since it is still a reality that married women, even while also working, are the ones in charge of running their households, retention programs that could make this dual responsibility possible for top performing females to shoulder must be developed and rigorously implemented.

Career development

Regardless of gender or performance, this method for employee retention should be extended to every employee. Majority of the people who get a position in a company have career advancements in their minds—unless there is more than adequate monetary compensation involved, no one wants to remain in the same position years after they’ve been hired.

Taking note of your employees’ career aspirations early on and then doing your part in helping them achieve it—or at the very least, not actively hindering them from working towards it—could lead to greater satisfaction in the company and lesser chance for employee turnover.

The Secrets of Keynote Speakers

Motivation | Posted by Rosemary Tyson
May 05 2015

When you think about keynote speakers, you imagine people who can deliver amazing speeches and presentations on any topic. If you want to become one of them, here is a list of secrets of keynote speakers:

Secret 1:

Keynote SpeakersChoose the topics you want to share with your audience. Keynote speakers can talk about relationships, finance, or self-enhancement. There is no topic that is off limits to you as long as you provide information that inspires the audience to do something. You can start sharing about your passion or something that you are knowledgeable in. It will be difficult for you to become an effective keynote speaker if you do not know or care much about the topic you are sharing. For instance, you cannot be an effective keynote speaker on parenting if you are not yet a parent and if you only base your insights through the experiences of others.

Secret 2:

Your message must be relevant and timely. Giving tips on how to use a typewriter will not be well received at this time. Become a keynote speaker on how gadgets and technologies can improve someone’s life is a much better option.

Secret 3:

Be an expert in your chosen field. Your audience expects a lot from you. You need to do your assignment – read, study, experience, and stay updated in your preferred field. Remember, there is a great chance that you will encounter participants in one of your sessions who will test your skills and knowledge about the topic. Your credibility is at stake.

Secret 4:

Get to know your audience. You need to understand your target audience. There are times when you’ll need to use different approaches to engage different types of audience.

Secret 5:

Attend classes on public speaking. If you know you need to enhance your public speaking skills, this is the best time to see what your local community has to offer. Be comfortable and confident in speaking to a large number of people through improving your public speaking skills.

Secret 6:

Record your speeches and presentations. This will give you a chance to see your performances. Spot the things you need to improve such as unnecessary movements, voice intonations, or how you answer questions.

Secret 7:

Practice your writing. Great keynote speakers are also excellent writers. They prepare their own materials to support all their presentations and speaking engagements. You need to improve your communication skills. Start writing a blog on your chosen topics. Publish your short articles and keep an updated website. Writing regularly will improve both your communication skills and rapport with your audience.

Secret 8:

Invest on your props and equipment. Most veteran speakers invest on large screens, take time to prepare presentations, and come up with their own workbooks. They are ready to deliver their speeches and presentations. Choose the right tools that will help you become successful.

Secret 9:

Look for the right venue to conduct your presentations. An auditorium or a conference room is better compared to delivering your amazing presentations in a basement. Ensure that the capacity of your venue is perfect for the audience size. A smaller room is perfect if you aim to provide your audience intimacy. A bigger venue is right if you are expecting a crowd.

Secret 10:

Come up with a marketing plan. Advertise your speaking engagements. Sell tickets at a cheaper price. Offer your services for free until you establish your brand. Publish all kinds of marketing materials such as postcards, brochures, e-newsletters and signs.

Become one of the best keynote speakers of your generation. Apply the above list of secrets and you’ll get to enjoy your profession while at the same time earning a living.


Author Bio:

Great keynote speakers are also excellent writers. They prepare their own materials to support all their presentations and speaking engagements.


Designing Printed Circuit Boards

Electronics | Posted by Malcolm Wagner
Mar 31 2015

Printed circuit boards are not designed to fit a single, standard model. They are designed according to the electrical component that they will be used in and will likewise be required to fit in that component’s required spatial allowance. There is normally a computer generated design plan that can serve as your guide in creating the different kinds of printed circuit boards. Therefore, the main task you have in designing a PCB will be figuring out how to put all the separate components in their designated places.

Printed circuit boardsComputer-aided design software are often used by printed circuit board designers to facilitate in design lay outing. Both the spaces between electrical paths and the location of the holes for contact points are included in the final circuit pattern layout.

After the final pattern is made, a negative image is printed out on a clear plastic sheet. The printed negative image must be exact in size and clearly show the negative spaces in the layout in black ink and the actual circuit pattern as clear. This printed layout can then be read as instructions by a computer-controlled drilling machine during the manufacturing process.

Beginners in designing layouts for printed circuit boards can follow a few general guidelines to aid in the design process. These tips can help explain the important processes of positioning and wiring components on the circuit board.

The first tip is to position the majority of the parts only on the top side of the board. You must also give conscious thought in placing your components in such a way as to minimize trace lengths. Use the snap-to-grid function on your design software and input a value of at least 0.050” for the best results and for easier trace placement.

Integrated circuits or ICs must be arranged in only one or two orientations. The ICs can be made to go either up or down, or left or right, but never a combination of both.You must also make sure that pin one is in the same location for each chosen direction. Likewise, the positive leads of polarized parts such as diodes and electrolytic caps must all have the same orientation.

The amount of current determines the width of the trace placement for your printed circuit boards. Smaller gaps can be set for low currents, while larger gaps must be allotted for higher voltages. A short circuit could result from leaving too little space between components. Once the components have been properly laid out, the next step is positioning the power and ground traces.

It is recommended to make power and ground lines for integrated circuits with short and direct traces. Clearly indicate the power and ground lines to avoid overlapping lines from one component to another.In order to simplify the trace placement, you can arrange the circuit board with parallel traces on one side and perpendicular traces on the opposite side and simply use a via to connect the traces between layers.

After all the traces have been laid out, run through your diagram one wire at a time. Confirm that each trace path is exactly the same as the one on your digital copy and make sure that nothing is misplaced or incorrectly wired or spaced. Vias in particular are prone to being misplaced in between layers so be sure to double-check each layer from top to bottom. Inspect for shorts as well by making sure that no metal components will be placed over any trace paths. As a finishing touch, you can print the product name at the top layers of all your printed circuit boards to facilitate the layering of your boards during the manufacturing process.

The Different Types of Custom Lanyards

Product | Posted by Nelson Singh
Feb 05 2015

A lanyard is a cord or a rope that is usually worn on the neck and wrist to carry an object or a small thing. When a person wants to ensure the safety of an important item, such as a cellphone, key of rings or a camera, a lanyard is the ideal choice.

From a distance, all custom lanyards look the same. In reality though, there are many types of lanyards. The difference lies on the materials used to suit the budget, the type of print and the occasion to which the lanyard would be used.

Here are some of the types of lanyards:

1. Dye Sublimated Lanyards.

custom lanyardsa. Type of print – When one needs multiple colors of prints on both sides of the custom lanyards, then this is the ideal choice. Dye sublimation uses the processes of heat and pressure to apply the design made for the lanyard. As such, the imprint is on the actual material, not just on the surface of it, making it more permanent and lasting.

b. Materials – White polyester is the one used for this type of lanyard as other colors would be added during the dye sublimation process itself. White polyester is ideal as the base or starting material for dye sublimation as a clean and clear background would make the added colors more prominent and distinguished.

c. Occasions to be used – This type of lanyard is ideal for occasions that are truly special. Usually, a government function or convention, where there is a large number of attendees of delegates would benefit from this type. You could assign different colors of the lanyards according to different offices of the delegates to hasten the process of identification for official recognition as well as for seating arrangement purposes.On the lanyard, one could have the date, the event, the venue and the theme of the occasion, be printed on both sides. It will not only make a holder for identification during the event but would also be a good keepsake after the event.

2. Imprinted Nylon Lanyards.

a. Type of print – one of the advantages in choosing this type of lanyard is its aptness for intricate designs and logos. Another advantage is when one is pressed for time and needed the lanyards as soon as possible. Using silkscreen to print the design, one could just hand over a ready-made design in a flash drive, choose the color of the lanyard and wait for the finished product, right then and there. Silkscreen process does not take too much time to apply and to dry. As soon as the imprint is done, the lanyard is ready to be used.

b. Materials – Nylons are lightweight and elastic, making it ideal to use as custom lanyards. Plus nylons are smooth, making it the perfect choice for silkscreen process. At the same time, the material is strong enough to secure your various items without the fear of easily being torn or ripped into pieces.

c. Occasion –This type of custom lanyards are best during trade shows, school activities and sports events.

3. Imprinted tubular lanyards.

a. Type of print– just like in nylon lanyard, silkscreen process is used in imprinted tubular lanyards. Silkscreen process is fast, economical and can be used for detailed or complicated designs.

b. Materials –tubular is lightweight too plus it is the most affordable among all the types of lanyard.

c. Occasion –This type is usually used for promotional items, fund raising activities or church events and as ID holder in schools and offices.

Whether you are in for a formal affair or a public gathering, there are different types ofcustom lanyards available and suited for your occasion.

Custom Lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers while keeping your staff secure at the same time.


Logistics | Posted by Kristine Dougherty
Feb 02 2015

Movable cubicles or intermodal containers are generally used for transport. If you have no idea what an intermodal containers are, then these are the huge steel boxes you often see on cargo ships, or on trailer trucks, or on trains. Technically these are large containers made of steel, so the goods or the materials contained inside will be secured from any damage, theft, and loss. You probably think that it is yet another boring container cutting through the highway or the sea or gliding through the railways but in reality, intermodal containers are so much more than that.

Movable cubiclesIt dates back to the postwar era, when freight was actually much of a burden as the war itself had been. There was no standardization among the containers, or there were no containers at all, so lodging and dislodging was always a problem. It had been a drag delivering goods and materials to different places; it ate too much time and money and manual labor. Sometimes freight were even costlier than the materials brought, sometimes, loading and unloading the goods to and from its container took longer than the travel time, sometimes, the whole bulk of work is on the process mentioned.

The innovation started in the coal mining regions in England. Railroads on certain continents carried coal containers that could be easily transferred to other transportation modes. These containers delivered coals to different regions, where, from the train, the containers are then transferred to horse-drawn wagons. By the early years of the twentieth century, the containers started to bring not only coals, but goods and commodities as well. Special containers were used by the US Army for faster loading and unloading of transport ships. Steel containers were then created to avoid theft and material damage, and also for further reusability, as wooden crates broke easier.

Most of all, these movable cubicles became a major element in globalization. Shipments and warehousing became a lot easier, the need for thousands of dock workers is erased, and shipping time is dramatically shortened. As a result, free trade boomed.

After so many years since Containerization was established, thousands and thousands of containers are now travelling all over the world, being used, reused, loaded and unloaded with so much ease and efficiency, thanks to the English coal containers that started it all.

Nowadays, movable cubicles are as available in the market as notebooks. And because of modernization, the qualities of intermodal containers have greatly improved. They now have sturdy, solid steel exteriors meant to weather any kind of shock and pressure. Huge side-by-side opening swing doors serve as the threshold to the inside of the box. These containers can be customized depending on your needs, as movable cubicles are very versatile. Whether you are remodeling your office, changing residency for good, or you need an extra space for all the stuff you got, movable cubicles are just around.

And because intermodal containers are functionally efficient, the demand for these containers is unsurprisingly steady. Therefore, competition on the container industry is pretty tight, and as a result, the price range gets more and more friendly. If you are however not planning on keeping a movable cubicle permanently but need it temporarily for some reason, certain companies offer rentals or leases of the said containers. Now expect a relatively low price for this one, obviously.

Containers have come a long way, humbly starting from coal mining to modern-day heavyweight shipments all over the world. And although these containers look irrelevant, the bare truth is that they are an important innovation that has helped humankind take a great leap forward.

Unique Uses for Custom Challenge Coins

Military | Posted by Sylvia Wilks
Jan 27 2015

Their sizes and styles can vary though. Some of them even have unusual shapes, such as pentagons, dog tags, shields, and arrowheads. They are also made from a variety of materials, including nickel, copper, pewter, silver, and gold.

Depending on the company or organization, their designs can also vary. Usually, challenge coins bear the motto or insignia of the organization they represent. They can also have cut outs, enamel highlights, and multidimensional designs. At present, challenge coins are no longer exclusive to the military. In fact, they are used by various organizations.

Custom Challenge CoinsThe fire and police departments as well as numerous civic organizations give out these coins. Challenge coins are even used in the federal government. The staff of the White House and agents of the Secret Service, for instance, have their own challenge coins. The White House Military Aides actually have challenge coins that are shaped like footballs.

If you are neither part of the military nor a staff of the White House, you can still have your own custom challenge coins. These coins are a popular way of showing allegiance to a certain organization, which is why numerous companies have started to manufacture them for regular people. Challenge coins are now considered as collectibles.

You can order custom challenge coins for your business, private group, or organization. Fundraiser coins are also very popular amongst those who are actively involved in charity events. If you want to attract more members and customers, you can even have these coins turned into coupons.

When you order custom challenge coins, see to it that you include your logo in the design. These coins can serve as unique business cards, so make sure that you do not forget your business name or brand. Giving them out to prospective clients is certainly more impactful than handing out paper cards.

So each time you attend a meeting or a conference and you feel the need to promote your business, just give out these coins. You will surely impress the people who receive them. To make your challenge coins truly stand out, you can choose elaborate color combinations, designs, and shapes.

Moreover, you can use custom challenge coins as party favors. If you are celebrating your birthday or anniversary, make sure that you include the date of the event on the coins. Challenge coins do not cost a lot of money, so you can order them in bulk. If you are tight on the budget, you can even go for low cost metals.

Likewise, you can give out custom challenge coins as wedding giveaways. Your guests will surely cherish the coins and appreciate the effort you put into designing them. Weddings are precious events, which is why it is only fitting to give away original mementos. You can put the date and venue of your wedding or even your photo on the coins.

Anyway, when searching around for a coin manufacturer, do not forget to compare prices. Take note that some companies do not include the colors in their pricing. They may also have pricey add-ons. In order to make the most of your money, be sure to look at the overall cost. Do not rely on the individual costs when you shop around.

If you are ordering online, see to it that you factor in shipping charges. Find out if the reorder price is low or high. You should also be wary of the companies that offer free shipping and other options and then charge very high prices on the coins.

Juggling The Different Tiers of SEO Progress – Making Moves With The Right Elements In Place

SEO | Posted by Alice Nance
Jan 21 2015

When you discuss the world of internet marketing with anyone, you’re going to find that people think of it as a singular topic. Many just speak of the acronym as if the meaning is isolated to just one arena over others. The problem with this type of thinking is that you’re going to end up having to deal with a variety of different elements if you want to move forward within this world. Optimization cycles are definitely something that you’ll want to work within, but they are going to end up giving you a better overall solution if you are able to isolate them in the right arenas. Search engine optimization can be defined as a simple thing, as it brings about traffic and gives you a sense of focus for the future. However, you’re going to end up dealing with a variety of issues on your way to the forward progress of marketing that you’re going to end up dealing with.

SEOThe right elements in regards to marketing will begin with content, and then start to drill down with other pieces overall. You could work on it yourself, or you could hire someone to help you put it all together and help you elevate your progress to all new levels of marketing design and complexities. The payoff of course is simple, you will need to get traffic and conversions to your page. If you do not go that way, you’re going to end up losing market share, and that’s something that you don’t want to do at all. You want to build on the right elements and you’re going to end up wanting to deal with a variety of issues that will give you a forward progress within simple elements. Focusing on the right areas, you will find greatness follows, and that’s something that you want to look into overall.

Breaking down the world of SEO starts with a simple decision. Do you want to do it all yourself, or do you want to hire someone to do it? Most people will talk about saving money with DIY elements, but if you lack expertise, you’re going to end up dealing with a variety of issues as a result. You don’t want to end up with this solution, as it is going to cause you great detriment, instead, look at hiring someone. No matter what happens, you will need to juggle several elements in place if you’re going to get moving forward, that’s for sure.

The Content Marketing Shuffle

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get the juggling act of SEO started is to look into content marketing. Without content design and placement, you are going to end up losing out on the future of your overall traffic generation. Traffic is important to work with, but you’re going to find that it becomes every so easy to build with if you’re looking at it within the proper perspective. You’ll need 15 types of content to model your posts after, and hope that one of them is going to speak to your audience overall. You may run into issues in this regards as there are a lot of companies that end up dealing with content solutions that end up getting pushed in the wrong arenas. You’ll want to be able to gain leverage through a variety of elements and focus on building on the right solutions overall. Content is not just one sided, even though some sites seem to gain leverage with limited implementations.

The Link Generation Issue

Link generation is an important factor that you will want to look into. You will need links to jump through a variety of hoops if you’re going to gain any sort of leverage moving forward. You’ll find that this is going to be a tough thing to accomplish on your own, even though some have sworn that it becomes easy. You will want to use link generation in a manner that will bring you a great deal of overall success and marketing collateral moving forward. The goal here is to ensure that you’re able to build on the right relationships in order to gain influence overall. The link generation issue is definitely something that is worth noting and will definitely give you a fighting chance, if you are able to pursue it in the right arena. It’s difficult to see how this all works at first glance, but it’s definitely worth denoting moving forward. It’s something that most people aren’t really sure as to how to work within and definitely worth chasing, but slowly. Don’t buy these in bulk and don’t go with sources that aren’t on the “up and up”.

Paying For Advertising

From time to time, you’re going to have to purchase advertising. Purchasing advertising is not simple or easy at times, but it could give you a great deal of leverage moving forward in a variety of different arenas. Focus on this and build your network through the marketing collateral that is out there online. You’ll find that paying for advertising can either be done individually, or you could hire someone to broker placements for you, either way, you’re going to gain a great deal of influence if you work on it in the right way.

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nyseoexplode.com is a SEO company offering professional SEO services to webmasters looking to increase traffic to their website.