Paleo Hot Cacao Beverages

Paleo Hot Cacao

Chocolates may be the king of Paleo Indulgences so when combined with the richness of coconut milk you’re set for something really decadent. This hot cocoa is simple to organize inside a couple of minutes and can help you stay warm throughout the cold winter several weeks.
I believe the photo speaks for itself with this particular recipe. Warm chocolatey goodness. A great way to wind lower in the finish during the day or perhaps a healthy treat to help keep the children aboard. Nevertheless, you drink it; we’re sure you’ll love our paleo hot cacao.


Details About Raw Cacao:

Raw Cacao is really a super food
Raw Cacao is wealthy in essential minerals and vitamins
Raw Cacao may behave as an anti-depressant and also to enhance your mood
Raw Cacao may increase energy
Raw Cacao may improve cardiac health (considered to decrease chance of stroke and cardiac arrest)
Raw Cacao may reduce appetite and improve weight reduction
Raw Cacao may reduce PMS signs and symptoms
Raw Cacao may help with liver and pancreatic functions (detoxing and sugar control in addition to digestion)
Raw Cacao may to become anti-aging and also to be rejuvenating


1 c Coconut milk
2 tablespoons of Chocolate cacao powder (unsweetened)
Stevia (to taste)


Combine powdered chocolate and coconut milk inside a blender.
Put chocolate milk mixture right into a small saucepan as well as heat to preferred temp.
For further sweetness, give a dash of Stevia. Coffee enthusiasts might consider consuming the unsweetened cacao like a coffee substitute since the chocolates have that nice “bite.”
Garnish with cinnamon, dash of vanilla flavoring, or cayenne if you would like a Mayan Hot Cacao.