Tangy Watermelon Cooler Beverages

Tangy Watermelon Cooler

This excellent juice makes summer time fun and festive! Combine it with the next get-together to actually get that promotion. It might also be great with a few salt along with a little tequila when you get my meaning… Enjoy!

Watermelon Cooler


4 c Water
1/2 c Hibiscus (dried)
4 c Fresh watermelon juice
1/2 c Lime juice (pure)
Sweetener of preference (to taste)

Put 4 c water around the stove and produce to some boil.
Once boiling, switch off heat, and steep 1/2 c dried hibiscus for around a few minutes.
Strain hibiscus leaves in the pot, discard, and hang tea aside to awesome.
Slice watermelon, remove the rind and add flesh to juicer (seeds and all sorts of) till you have 4 c of juice. Approximately 1/2 a medium-sized watermelon will yield 4 c.
Store watermelon juice inside a large pitcher as the hibiscus teas are cooling. When the tea has cooled, combine it with the pitcher. Mix well.
Stir in 1/2 c pure lime juice.
Serve chilled with ice along with a slice of lime. Add optional sweeteners for example honey, agave, or Stevia to individual glasses to taste.